Energy Management System (EMS)

In the journey for buildings to become more Energy Efficient it is critical for organisations to understand the existing conditions that have an impact on the facilities Peak Demand on the Electricity Supply Infrastructure. Let SixD Consulting liaise with Stakeholders and determine your organisation or facilities Peak Demand and provide designs and strategies to improve Peak Demand and save costs on your Electricity Bill. If you can measure it, you can manage it.

Energy Management Systems (EMS) are key components of the Building Managements system (BMS) and is aimed at leveraging efficiencies by focusing on automation and monitoring of energy consuming infrastructure and components. An effective EMS will translate into material cost saving by reducing energy consumption, leveraging peak demand strategies while improving building resource performance, efficiency and awareness of resource conservation.

Services :

SixD Consulting can utilize and leverage information from the Building Management Systems (BMS) to identify drivers of high energy consumption and develop strategies to drive energy saving and cost reduction.

We can advise and implement measures to measure energy consumption of facilities. In return the control and monitoring of the systems can be automated to further increase efficiencies.


Key Benefits of a EMS:

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Cost savings
  • Effective & Efficient Management of Energy
  • Statutory & Management Reporting
  • Resource Conservation
  • Early detection of potential failures and maintenance needs


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