Our solutions are used directly by organisations who do “in-house” management of their own properties and by service providers on behalf of property owners. We also facilitate and manage portfolios from our independent operations desk and remote manage facilities on behalf of clients. All stakeholders of a property, whether they are Occupiers, Owners, Service Contractors and Managers, benefit from the use of our flexible and efficient solution.

Our integrated Web and Mobile-Based Facility Management solution will enable you to future proof your digital facilities management strategy. Your Property Management strategy will be state of the art and aligned with Industry 4.0 tools to become more effective, efficient, and part of the SMART Buildings of the future.

You will be able to manage your Commercial Buildings, Facilities, Sports Grounds or your whole property portfolio in various sectors through one application.

Our Digital Facilities Management Software will enable your organisation to leverage technology and data and become connected and part of future SMART Cities. Let us connect your facility and enhance your Data Analytics ability with our Data Analytics Platform.


Benefits :

  • Tenant satisfaction, service and retention
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Digital Asset Registers and Maintenance History
  • Unmatched transparency in operations to make decisive decisions
  • Effective management of service providers/contractors
  • Reduce risk
  • Effectively manage occupational and other legal/statutory compliance

Core Functionality :

Advantages of Smart Buildings:
  • Work Request System (incl. ad-hoc and scheduled work requests)
    • All work request types and sub-types will be the same for the whole portfolio
  • Contractor, tenant and system manager access can be restricted on a per property basis
  • Asset Management (inter-linked with the Work Request Module)
  • Email Broadcast
  • Standard statistics, search and reporting tools
  • Site Management (management of content, menus, users, contractors)
  • Contractor Check-in App
  • Contractor Induction Module
    • Fully Integrated with the Contractor Check-in App
  • Checklist Module
    • Fully integrated with the Work Request System (generate work requests based on submitted responses is possible).
  • Document Library
    • The Document Library allows documents to be stored and easily retrieved by various users of the
    • system, with full control over who should see each document.
    • Expiry dates can be set for each document and reminder emails can be automated.
    • Consolidated disk space across all properties
    • Additional storage space can be purchased at a per volume per month basis
    • Fully integrated with Contractor Management and Tenant Management modules
  • Accounts Payable Automation


Industries we serve :

  • Residential
  • Sectional Titles
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Sports Club Facilities
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Retail Sector
  • Industrial & Commercial Warehousing
  • Educational Facilities (Schools, Colleges and Universities)
  • Agriculture Factories & Facilities
  • Engineering & Manufacturing industries
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