COVID 19 Educational Facilities Preparedness

Students are the most valuable assets of a country.  They are our future,  our most powerful agents for change, therefor it is our responsibility to protect and take care of them.

Our educators must be compassionate and increase resilience under the most difficult circumstances we have ever faced in our life time, be agile to embrace the change in teaching that this will bring while building a safe and more caring community.  Having correct and relevant information and facts about COVID-19 to help to diminish learners’ fears and anxieties around the disease and support their ability to cope with any secondary impacts on their lives.

SIXD Consulting (PTY) LTD can assist educational establishments and schools with prevention, early detection and control of COVID-19 in an educational environment. Give us a call on 079 582 2717

Services :

  • COVID-19 Risk assessments for establishment – specific according to the requirements of each establishment, the Risk Assessment will be the basis for the implementation of identified policies and procedures
  • COVID-19 Legal compliance assessments
  • Assessment of premises and facilities to accommodate social distancing and other requirements associated with COVID-19 and government and departmental instructions
  • Sanitising and decontamination strategies, planning, development and advise on implementation
  • Health Risk Assessments for the establishment
  • Development of Screening Protocols for the establishment
  • Assistance with Isolation area identification and planning
  • Procedures on how to deal with a learner that has met minimum screening criteria
  • Emergency Planning
  • Training of teachers , facilitators etc. on COVID-19 related matter
    • Screening of learners
    • Hygiene practices
    • Sanitisation practices
    • Dealing with a suspect case of COVID-19
    • How to convey the COVID-19 disease to children
  • Give us a call on 079 582 2717

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