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SixD Consulting was established in 2019 by Albert Viljoen to lead the Property, Risk and Facilities Management Industries into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the rise of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and specifically 6D BIM (as the name SixD originates from) to manage assets in a digital model through their life cycle will revolutionise the risk and quality management sphere forever. The days of running around with fractured management systems and floating documents has now become a mere grim reminder of the past. With global digitisation and the Internet of Things (IOT) it has become paramount for the Property, Facilities and Construction Companies still operating their operational risk and assets on fragmented manual systems to be converted into digitally managed assets. SixD Consulting has soon identified that for Commercial Properties, Warehouses, Factories and Construction Companies to remain competitive and to accelerate their decision-making processes while drastically reducing operational risk and costs, they will need to partner with a Risk orientated Digital Partner. We assist clients with their digitisation strategies and the roll out of Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Infrastructure Projects to prepare their companies and assets for becoming part of a connected digital world. We connect you assets with your digital model to support the operational management systems.

SixD Consulting is progressive in assisting companies to meet their Global Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s) for 2030 as set out by the United Nations in 2015. We will consult and implement management systems for clients and aligning them with International Standards (ISO) through our extensive expertise in the Risk and Quality Management Field. Through our expertise in Building Information Modeling will we convert your stagnant existing 2D asset into becoming a live connected 3D asset and make it part of a digital world supported by global standards and management systems.

Let us partner with you and introduce you to the world of Property Technology (PropTech)and Construction Technology (ConTech) supported by globally recognised infrastructure, software and management systems.

“Bringing Technologies to Life”


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