Technology Driven Data, Risk and Compliance Management Company

Technology Driven Data, Risk and Compliance Management Company

Industry 4.0
Sustainable Development
through Technologies

SixD Consulting

enables Industrial, Mining, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction and Commercial Property Companies to increase their profitability, efficiencies and enhance their sustainability through the adoption and implementation of technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0

We assist clients to convert Industry 4.0 Capital Expenditure into value to ensure they achieve their sustainable development goals and return on investments (ROI).


SixD Consulting

promotes Asset, Process & Company sustainability through the application of internationally recognised standards (ISO Standards) and the strategic application of Information Technologies (IT) & Software to support the compliance and monitoring.

At SixD Consulting we actively engage with clients to materialise their alignment to support the UN Sustainable Development Goal for Industries, Innovation and Infrastructure by fostering Innovation, building resilient Infrastructure & promoting sustainable Industrialisation through the use of Energy, Information and Communication Technology.

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We Advise, Consult, Design, Implement and support

innovative and technologically driven ”Management Systems”, “Software Solutions”, “Data Analytics Platforms“, ”Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions”, “Smart Building Systems”, “Construction Technologies”, “Property Technologies”, “Building Information Modeling (BIM) Solutions”and “6D BIM Facilities Management Solutions”

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